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When it comes to one of the largest financial investments of your life, your home, it pays to protect it! Utah weather is no stranger to ups and downs from intense cold to wind, snow, rain, and more. Leaving a home vulnerable to weather is one thing, but vandalism, theft, fires, and earthquakes are some of the other things to consider. Homeowners insurance is designed to keep your home safe and protect you from financial ruin in the event of a problem. Here are some important elements of homeowners insurance all homeowners need to know.

Homeowners Insurance is Required by Mortgage Lenders

Lenders need to protect their investment. Homeowners insurance is used to pay for the damage caused by serious things like fire or vandalism. There is a minimum coverage amount you can acquire, but lenders often require a  homeowners policy and include the payment as part of your monthly mortgage payment.

Homeowners Insurance Protects the Home

The home can be damaged quickly if there is an issue such as fire, vandalism, earthquakes, and more. Insurance coverage will step in to pay for damage and replacement needs to maintain the value of the home. In most situations, homeowners will need to meet the insurance deductible prior to being able to pay for the damage costs.

Homeowners Insurance Protects your Personal Belongings

When it comes to homeowners insurance, you want to make sure you have coverage for more than just the structure of the home, but also your personal belongings. If someone has vandalized the home, stolen belongings, or more, it can lead to serious financial damage. The insurance policy covers more than furniture, it also covers things like appliances, electronics and clothing.

Homeowners Insurance Covers Liability

There are specific insurance policies that are designed to provide protection for liability. What happens if a child is injured while on your property, or your Amazon package delivery service member slips on ice on your driveway? Homeowners liability insurance is designed to offer protection for homeowners so they are not held legally responsible.

Homeowners Insurance Provides Housing

What happens if a fire occurs and everything in  your home is ruined? Not only do you lose everything, but your family is displaced. Homeowners insurance will provide temporary housing for your family. Hotel expenses are covered along with other expenses like storage units, dry cleaning, food, laundry, and Internet service.

Protect Yourself and Your Home!

The best investment you can make in your home is to protect it with quality homeowners insurance. Insurance will provide peace of mind and gives your family peace of mind. Knowing that you will not lose everything when you are in the middle of a disaster can give you comfort in knowing that everything you have worked to build will not be lost.

Contact our Kaysville insurance office to discuss homeowners insurance, and the various coverage options that are available to protect your home!

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