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Storm Damage? How Can Homeowners Insurance Help?

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Recent windstorms across the Wasatch Front have lead to serious damage to homeowners. If you have missing shingles, blown away siding, or other serious damage, contact Platinum Insurance Group and we can discuss your policy and find out what coverage you currently have to help restore your home.

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover damage from storms, including serious windstorms. Standard homeowners insurance policies normally cover the following:

Water damage

Wind, fallen tree, or hail damage

Power surges and lightening

When serious wind damage occurs like the recent storms, homeowners normally covers this cost. It is important to understand your policy as it does including information about wind damage, and how it can blow your roof shingles, damaged siding, and possibly cause power surges in the home. A deductible must be med in order for the insurance policy to step in and provide additional coverage costs.

Our experts are here to help. Contact our office to file your claim so experts can come out and inspect your home and begin the repair process. You can reach Platinum Insurance Group at 801-939-3210.

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